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   Welcome to

Alameda  Pirates

 Youth Football 

   Lakewood Colorado   








                                        FOR GRADES 2nd - 8TH






Now until June 30th    $200

July 1st thru Aug.17th   $250

after Aug.18th $300 




Dates to know


Camp July 30th - Aug. 3rd

@ Alameda High School   5:30-7:30          

          CAMP IS FREE

Aug. 4th Alameda Days @ Dick's Sporting Goods See coupon below

Practice starts Aug. 6th

Weigh ins Aug. 17th all players must weigh in to play 1st game

Games start Aug. 24th

Playoffs start Oct. 27th








          GOOD LUCK

to all new and returning                             players


            GO PIRATES














Parents and coaches,

Every year there are avoidable issues we would like to ask for your help with. All of these issues could result in our loss of use of the fields which would be very regrettable and is entirely avoidable with your help and support.

We want everyone to enjoy their visits to JMFA fields. Please remember that all of us in JMFA are volunteers. Please clean up the garbage from your sidelines before leaving a field.
Game Officials - While we understand everyone has an interest in the game, we ask that spectators refrain from communicating with officials before, during and after games. They are there doing their best to officiate the game being played and not to be abused by spectators, players or coaches. Verbal abuse of an official before, during or after a game could result in unsportsmanlike penalties to teams, and ultimately ejection of offending persons. Remember this is Youth Football.
Field Monitors are provided at game fields by each area. They have authority of the field during game days. If there are safety issues, please report it to the field monitor. If asked, please comply with requests from Field Monitors and help ensure your guests do as well. 
It is extremely important that there is emergency access to all football fields.  Please park only in designated parking spaces and DO NOT block gates or paths to fields.  There have been instances where injured players were left on fields while car owners were searched for to move vehicles to allow ambulance access.  If this was your child you would be terribly upset, please consider this when looking for a parking space.  Police will be called to write tickets and have vehicles towed that are parked in these areas.  Please park smart.  When playing in neighborhood parks please be respectful of parking signs and driveways.

We would like to ask that you please leave your dogs at home. Many of the fields we use do not allow dogs and it is posted at the parks and schools as such. If you do not know or are unsure whether the park/school you are visiting allows dogs, please leave Fido at home.

Turf Fields – We have access to more turf fields this year and would like to continue to be able to use these fields. ONLY WATER is allowed on turf fields. Items prohibited on turf fields, including spectator areas on the turf, are ANY FOOD items, seeds, chewing gum, sports drinks juices and sodas.

Please remember that if you bring guests to games it is your responsibility to let them know the above and that when you signed the Parents Code of Ethics you agreed to make sure they will behave in accordance with those rules.
Thank you for your attention to and cooperation with these issues. 
Good luck to all this season!
Jeffco Midget Football Association







       For all 1sr grader:   JMFA is pleased to announce that it was selected as 1 of 11 leagues in the country, and the only one in Colorado and surrounding states, to a part of the USA Football Rookie Tackle Pilot Program. Information is below in the documents.


Rookie Tackle Overview.pdf

Rookie Tackle FAQ.PDF

Rookie Tackle Flyer.pdf








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